The concept of Nori Bar was sparked by a desire to make sushi an affordable and approachable experience for a wider audience. We wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere where people could enjoy high-quality, fresh fish without the need for formal or upscale settings. Our commitment to handrolls ensures that you savor fresher ingredients, fluffier rice, and crisper nori, all within a casual and friendly environment. We take pride in sourcing our ingredients locally, particularly our daily supply of fresh fish from Fresh Island Fish. At Nori Bar, we stand by the three essential pillars of great sushi: expertly-selected seafood, the use of the fluffiest koshihikari rice for shari, and hella crisp nori. Our vision is to redefine the sushi experience, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

What makes Nori Bar truly unique among sushi restaurants is our unwavering commitment to the handroll concept, ensuring a menu that blends high-end sushi bar ingredients with a laid-back ambiance. By prioritizing local sourcing and daily deliveries, we maintain the utmost freshness and quality in our offerings. We’re proud to serve excellent handrolls that embrace the essence of great sushi, and we believe in making this experience accessible without any pretentiousness or formality. Nori Bar is a place where you can come in, relax, and enjoy how we do sushi, redefining what it means to roll with excellence.


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